Don't Waste The Pretty (valancy17) wrote in easycooking,
Don't Waste The Pretty

how long will homemade eggnog keep?

Yesterday I made eggnog. And it was really easy, btw. :) But I have a question.

How long will it keep? Would it last until tomorrow when my sister and her family comes over for C'mas? Would it keep long enough for me to bring it to a New Year's Eve party?

I used the pasteurized eggs to make sure we wouldn't get sick from raw eggs. But all in all, 4 quarts of cream, not to mention 3 cups of rum in one bowl and replaced that with fat-free half-and-half in the other bowl. Plus 12 pasteurized eggs and 1 pound of confectioner's sugar, if that matters. So there are two large bowls of eggnog in the fridge just covered with plastic wrap for now. I'd really hate to throw it all away, but I will if it would be unsafe to drink.

Your thoughts?

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